Nothing more, nothing less.

A study by New York University professor John V. Kane published in the latest edition of Public Opinion Quarterlyappears to suggest that most liberals care far more about winning elections than they do about principles and consistency.

According to The Washington Times, the study specifically found that, “(w)hen it comes to voter ID laws, Republicans care intensely about fraud while Democrats worry more about whether their own party will come out ahead”:

Republicans respond to even small reports of voter fraud, seeing them as a reason to back stricter voting access. … Democrats, meanwhile, generally support voter-ID but their support is less firm. If told the GOP would suffer from stricter voter-ID laws, Democrats become more supportive, Mr. Kane found.

“There’s different concerns in both camps. Republicans really do appear to be super-concerned about fraud and Democrats not so much. Democrats really appear to be concerned about the electoral implications, not so much fraud,” Mr. Kane told The Washington Times

Kane uncovered these results by asking voters about their support for voter ID laws. He found that Republicans never wavered in their support, regardless of whether the laws stood to benefit their party.

Among liberals, on the other hand, support surged “when told Democrats would benefit, and plunged when told Republicans would benefit,” according to the Times.

Shocking, right? Not really. If you ask me, this explains everything about liberalism and its convoluted goals.

Why do liberals oppose illegal immigration? Because more illegals means more votes for the Democrat Party.

Why do liberals oppose cracking down on welfare fraud? Because more spoiled leeches means more votes for the Democrat Party.

And why do liberals oppose the GOP’s tax bill? Because happy voters means fewer votes for the sleazy, corrupt Democrat Party.

Bing, bang, boom.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is liberalism in a nutshell.